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There’s a story behind everything; how a baby was born, a t-shirt was torn, a client was convinced and much more. The fact is once you become a part of the story, it becomes a crucial part of your life. 

Similarly, I feel proud to say that OptimHire is a part of many successful hiring stories of numerous businesses. However, there’s one random story I eagerly want to share with you.

I recently had a similar experience that made us feel more proud of the exceptional services we could provide to various businesses in the dynamic hiring market. 

It was a busy day, and we all were working on our respective tasks. Then, suddenly, I received a notification on my desktop. I thought it was another work update from my team. 

But to my surprise, it was not!

I excitedly opened the notification, and my happiness has no bounds!

The message contains the below-attached picture with a short message 

We’ve successfully closed the PhP Developer position requested by one of our clients in just 2 weeks.”

It wasn’t the first time I received such a notification, but whenever I did, it became the best part of the day.  

In the message, he wrote that OptimHire has helped him close the vacant job position in mere 2 weeks and how it is an accomplishment in the present dynamic hiring market. They also mentioned that OptimHire has the industry’s best hiring features, a one-of-a-kind AI-powered ATS system, hiring resources, and one of the best support teams he has come across.

My heart was full, and a satisfied smile came to my face. Once again, OptimHire has helped another business get one step closer to success by hiring a suitable candidate for their team in just two weeks and saving them tons of time.

And it got me thinking that you can also be the one sending us this message a few months from today.

But, you know what you’re missing on so many things you can leverage using our platform for FREE.

At OptimHire, you’ll have best-in-class;

  • FREE A.I.-powered ATS to manage all your hiring from one place.  
  • FREE Unlimited Job Postings. 
  • FREE access to 2 Million pre-screened candidates.
  • FREE for Unlimited Users, NEVER pay a per User fee.

I really don’t want you to miss out on all these amazing features available on our platform so that you can make your hiring process 10x better than before. 

I highly consider you to check the OptimHire platform now. So, sign up as our client and hire in days rather than months.

Thank You.

Lakshmi M. Kodali.

P.S.: If you have any questions, our team would love to help you with it. Simply book a call with our support team.


OptimHire is a smart, AI-powered platform that eliminates all your tech hiring headaches. OptimHire reduces average hiring time from 6 months to just 12 days. You will have FREE access to our 600,000+ pre-screened tech talents and our FREE AI-powered recruiting platform.