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OptimHire is making it easier for women to come back to work!

  • Did you take a career break, and now you’re stuck?
  • Are you done being a homemaker and ready to establish your career?
  • Are you looking for new career opportunities as you feel underpaid and undervalued in your present job?

If yes, then don’t stress. We are here to help!

Did you know?

According to a recent survey, 78% of working women take career breaks for different reasons such as family planning, career change, improving well-being, boosting confidence, upskilling, etc.

Women’s lives are a juggling act. From striking a balance in their professional lives to fulfilling the commitments of their personal life, they juggle everything to meet both ends perfectly. Yet, while striking a balance, they often face the challenge of a ‘Career Break’ in their lives.

Some women take a career break for personal reasons, while others for career growth, health issues, work-life balance, and other reasons. The prevalence of such incidents adds to the perceived notion that women in the workplace are less ‘career-driven.’

Whatever the reason, women are trapped in the stigma of the break and deal with a slew of real-world issues while they try to rejuvenate their careers.

“A recent LinkedIn study found that women in India find it hard to get back into the workforce and ask for more flexibility as their employers don’t support flexible work and career breaks.”

So, let us tell you why women struggle to enter the corporate world after a career break.

The reason is that when women decide to get back to work after a temporary or long break, the corporate world doesn’t welcome them with open arms. A career gap on a woman’s resume exacerbates the situation. Some organizations doubt their abilities or present an ‘either-or’ choice game. This is why they frequently face rejection for opting out of the work game or taking a career break.

According to a study by the Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership, approximately half of working women in India take a career break. However, even among those who return, a large proportion leaves within four months of resuming work.

However, on the bright side, once the reason for the career break is resolved, some women strive to bounce back to restart their careers and shine brightly.

Now the question is, How can women return to work after a long career break? How can they build a thriving career and work towards their dream life? How can they earn a stable income while working flexible hours?

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” ― Michelle Obama.

Every woman is significant and has a unique personality. A career break in women’s life is only a temporary pause, not a complete shutdown. So, whatever the reason, we should work to remove the stigma associated with women’s careers and provide them with resources and assistance in re-establishing it.

“At OptimHire, we offer a remote, flexible, all-inclusive, and empathetic work culture in place. That’s why 70% of the workforce at OptimHire are women who are ruling the roost of our organization and making the most of their recruitment skills.”

We aim to provide women with the liberty to work, strike a balance between family and career, and help them achieve the most remarkable feats even after a career break.

As part of our campaign, we are promoting women to join our one-of-a-kind program, the ‘OptimHire Full Time Recruitment Program’!!!

This program will allow women to earn a stable monthly income and whooping commissions in lakhs while working from home, such as 75,000 INR, 1,00,000 INR, and even 5,000 INR on each hire, leveraging their recruitment skills.

Every week, our female recruiters top the ‘Highest Earning Recruiters’ leaderboard, win the Organization’s Topper Title,’ and ‘Earn Multiple Rewards and High Commissions’ by leveraging their recruitment skills.

“OptimHire has become a bridge towards my unfulfilled goals. Whatever challenges I faced have vanished because of OptimHire’s remote, flexible, all-inclusive, and empathetic work culture. I highly recommend OptimHire to women, especially mothers, who seek a career in the HR industry, wish to grow, and become financially independent.”
– Neera V Sebin, OptimHire US IT Recruiter

We feel happy and proud to see the career growth and assistance women are getting by leveraging our best-in-breed partners’ program. This really makes our hearts full!

They’ll also have access to our recruiters’ community, where they can learn from experts and other recruiters on the same path. In addition, they can celebrate victories, receive support and feedback, and attend our weekly sessions to have their questions answered.

We are trying our best to make women aware of the life they deserve even after taking a long break.

Now the question is: Isn’t this the fresh start you need?

If yes, be the force you want to be and apply for our program now.

This is just the beginning of what we have in plan for all the fantastic women out there. In the coming blogs, we will share more benefits of why women should join OptimHire.

So, stay tuned!


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