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Rohan: Hey, Pooja! It’s great to see you. I’ve been researching ways to optimize my company’s hiring process lately. I believe automation might be the key. What are your thoughts on this?

Pooja: Hi, Rohan! I couldn’t agree more. Automating the hiring has revolutionised the way I and my team used to find the right employees. It saves time, improves efficiency, and helps in making well-informed decisions.

Rohan: Can you suggest any specific tools or platforms through which I can automate hiring and hire talent 20x faster and reduce the hiring cost?

Pooja: Absolutely, Rohan! I recently came across OptimHire, and I feel it’s a great platform.

Rohan: Oh, but can you be so sure about their services?

Pooja: It’s because I’ve experienced them firsthand. A few months ago, my hiring team shared the pain of scanning and filtering through hundreds of resumes to find one perfect candidate. Honestly, it was very time-consuming and led to wasting lots of money and resources.

That’s when one of my friends shared with me about the service offered by OptimHire called ‘Automated Pre-Screening and Sourcing’. He owns a well-known SaaS company and was facing the same challenges I was, and he recommended me to TRY OptimHire’s APSS model.

I was literally out of options, and in my gut, OptimHire felt like the last option that could save my hiring. So, I immediately signed up as a client and booked a call with their success manager. During the brief call, they explained everything about their NEW service and how it can help me source top talent in a matter of days.

The part that intrigued me the most was that from candidate sourcing to preparing assessments, they do all the hard work of sourcing and pre-screening candidates to find the perfectly matching candidate per given job requirements. And you only need to handle the easiest work of offer and final onboarding.

My team and I needed this after a few hectic months of losing money and facing failures in our hiring.

Rohan: That sounds intriguing! Could you tell me more about their automated pre-screening and sourcing model?

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Pooja: Certainly! Initially, their team analysed the job description and qualifications stated by my team. Then, their vast team of 2000+ recruiters tap into their network of 2M+ candidate databases to source candidates who best fit the role. They did everything from sourcing and pre-screening candidates and gave me three candidates at the end for the final interview and offer negotiation.

Rohan: Wowww, impressive! It means OptimHire does all the hard work of finding and screening candidates, saving businesses valuable time and effort.

But what about the cost? Will it be expensive for businesses to use OptimHire’s services?

Pooja: Not at all, Rohan! OptimHire understands the financial aspect too. As you already know, other companies charge hefty hiring fees of 8.33%, but OptimHire offers a transparent pricing model where you only need to pay only 0.1% to 0.3% of the annual salary where OptimHire do all the HARD WORK of sourcing and pre-screening candidate of your choice. So, I and my team can focus on the most important and productive hiring tasks such Offer Negotiation and Onboarding.

And that’s not all – they also provided me with customizable combo packages. I chose my hiring plan and gained access to both ‘Automated Pre-Screening & Sourcing’ and ‘Resume Database Access’ services per my business’s needs.

Rohan: That’s a great deal, Pooja. It seems OptimHire takes the burden off businesses and ensures businesses only invest in the most promising candidates.

But besides the automated pre-screening and sourcing, are there any additional benefits OptimHire offers?

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Pooja: Absolutely! OptimHire goes the extra mile by offering three incredible bonus features.

Firstly, they provide FREE unlimited job postings, allowing businesses to reach a wider talent pool without limitations. This is especially crucial in today’s dynamic world, where businesses constantly evolve and expand their workforce.

Rohan: Unlimited job postings? I used to pay thousands of dollars for it, and they’re giving it FREE. That’s a game-changer indeed!

What about the other two bonus features?

Pooja: Well, OptimHire is giving 20 FREE Resume Credits so that you can use and get firsthand experience of their services.

The third is OptimHire’s AI-powered ATS, which streamlines the hiring process by organizing and managing candidate applications in a centralized platform. It gives you complete control over your hiring process and eliminates the need for manual tracking.

Well, the best part was that they are planning to make it paid soon, but I was the early and lucky one, so I got FREE access to their AI-powered ATS for an entire year.

Rohan: That’s fantastic, Pooja! OptimHire seems like the complete package for businesses looking to automate and streamline their hiring process.

Pooja: Exactly, Rohan! OptimHire’s automated pre-screening and sourcing service and the three incredible bonuses can revolutionize how businesses approach hiring in today’s fast-paced world. It’s truly a game-changer.

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Rohan: How can businesses learn more about these services and claim the free bonus?

Pooja: It’s simple, Rohan. You can book a call with OptimHire’s success manager, who will guide you through the process and provide insights on how these NEW services can help your business hire 20x faster and more effectively. Plus, you can claim the exciting free bonuses too!

Rohan: Thanks for sharing this valuable information, Pooja. I’ll definitely check out OptimHire as its services look promising, especially since it’s coming from your personal experience. Thanks again!

Pooja: My pleasure, Rohan! I’m sure it can help you with your hiring problems and save time, effort, and resources in your quest for exceptional talent, as it did for me and my team.

Let’s raise a toast to the future of streamlined hiring!



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