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As you all know, the year is about to end, and we will soon be entering 2023. 

If you are someone who has aggressive growth plans for the new year and is looking to expand your team to achieve your business objectives for the upcoming year, then you are at the right place.

This is the time of year when we start afresh, make new amends, and develop growth and scaling strategies for the new year. We make resolutions and then devise a plan to achieve those new resolutions.

When you are aiming for business growth, hiring is a crucial component. Also, if you’re having trouble hiring people and don’t know how to make hiring easier in the coming year, keep reading!

So, let us start with a question – 

What do you think is the best strategy to attract and hire the right talent?

Publishing a job, cross your fingers, and wish for some miracle that will fill your talent pipeline with top candidates.

Is that what you think?

Wait, let us give you a reality check!

Today’s hiring market is plagued by problems of talent shortage, recruiting burnout, and missed opportunity costs. Furthermore, HR professionals have observed that candidates are constantly looking for new and appealing opportunities, and the talent market has become extremely volatile.

This shows that hiring in the present market is full of hiccups and stumbling blocks.

So, now what do you think is the best way to hire top talent?

It’s proactive recruitment!

By using proactive recruiting strategies, you can find, interact with, and attract candidates before there is a need to hire. It also helps in searching for the right people before you need them.

However, to start recruiting proactively, you need a solid recruitment plan complemented by an advanced hiring platform that matches your strategic workforce planning.

This is where OptimHire can be your go-to partner.

At OptimHire, we have recognized this common concern amongst companies and, hence, have come up with a special year-end deal on our Premium Membership.

In this offer, you can get 50% off on our Premium Membership plan. It means that you can benefit your hiring process by paying just 50% of the standard placement fees. 

Sign up for OptimHire Premium now to save 50% on our standard placement fees and get access to an ATS worth $1500.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get on board with OptimHire and hire top candidates with proactive planning to make sure that you meet your business goals in the new year. 

Want to learn more? Schedule an obligation-free consultation with our Success Manager.


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