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Read Mohan’s story to know how he battled, re-established his career, took his monthly income to lakhs, and transformed his life after joining OptimHire Partners’ Program. 

In our lives, there comes a time when we feel tired, lost, dispirited, and just want to shut down. If you can relate to this, you will definitely want to read this blog!

Recently, we talked to the star recruiter of the OptimHire’s team – Mohan Kurhade. He is one of our best IT recruiters who is earning two to three lakhs on average with OptimHire Partners’ Program. 

So, now let’s take you through Mohan’s incredible journey and the struggles he faced when he left his stable job due to his health conditions and survived without any job for six months. In addition, we’ll tell you how he battled, re-established his career, took his monthly income to lakhs and transformed his life after joining OptimHire Partners’ Program. 

If I’d to describe OptimHire in one word, it would be ‘AMAZING’!!! – Mohan Kurhade

Before OptimHire, I used to work in a senior position in the sales department. However, I had to quit my previous job due to my health issues as I have allergic asthma. So the doctor suggested I start working from home; otherwise, that will worsen the condition more. So I started searching for work-from-home opportunities. The search was challenging, and so was survival without a job for approximately six to seven months. But I didn’t give up. Finally, after seven months, I came across OptimHire. I read the description but found that the job is in the recruitment industry. Initially, I found the recruitment industry challenging. Furthermore, after scanning OptimHire’s platform and all the opportunities they provide, I immediately decided to take the risk, switch my career, and enter the recruitment industry. So that is how I started working at OptimHire as a recruiter. 

If you take no risks, you win no victories – Richard M. Nixon

The most impressive part of my journey was earning Rs. 50,400 as an Advance Pay Loan in just two weeks. Following that, I also did three to four closures, resulting in a total monthly income of Rs 2 to 3 lakhs and approximately an annual income of Rs 24 to 36 lakhs. In no time, I became the star recruiter. I earned the title of OptimAchiever and was among the top recruiters.

Moreover, Mr. Laxmi M. Kodali, the CEO of OptimHire, personally interviewed and congratulated me for my accomplishments which was a more significant achievement for me. During that call, I promised him that in a few months, I would work hard and reach the position of Team Leader. And you know what? The great news is that I was promoted to Assistant Team Leader a few weeks ago. 100% of my success is because of OptimHire’s training and support system. Before OptimHire, I had zero knowledge of the IT recruitment industry. 

However, today, because of OptimHire’s support, I have a stable career, health, and life. Also, I gained the incredible opportunity of earning two to three lakhs per month and am living my dream life. 


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