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Read the story of the amazing Shahla – How she re-established her career after a sabbatical. Shahla’s Journey from Nothing to OptimAchiever! 

Let me share a remarkable tale of our incredible #OptimAchiever Shahla Khan, who fought several battles, overlooked societal issues, restarted her career, and is striving to make a mark in the recruitment industry. Her story taught us that being yourself in this world requires bravery but if you have the passion to bring change, then nothing can stop you. 

Read more about her journey to know how she restarted her career after 10 years and earned 59,000 INR in a few months with OptimHire Partners’ Program.

OptimHire has given me all; everything I thought I lost. And now, I feel more confident, strong, and skilled!!! – Shahla Khan

My journey with OptimHire was like a sign of destiny. Before OptimHire, I was a working woman who took a career break and shifted to household life. It was a challenging decision for me. Deep down, I used to miss my professional life and the zeal I had. So, after 10 years, I thought that it’s time for a change. So, I decided to revive my career and looked for job opportunities. At first, I used to believe that my career was over and no one would hire a woman after a 10-year-long career break. However, then I came across OptimHire. Surprisingly, it was the first job post I came across and immediately decided to apply for it.

It wasn’t a rush decision but a sign of destiny as I was only looking for work from home opportunities. And what motivated me to join OptimHire was their remote working culture and growth opportunities. That’s exactly what I was looking for! If it’s not remote, I wouldn’t be working at all. 

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” — George Eliot

So, I joined OptimHire after a huge career gap of ten years and more than that. Before OptimHire, I was working with NGOs only, which was entirely a different field. Moreover, I needed to become more familiar with the technical stuff. Due to the career break and familial responsibilities, I became a kid in the class; I forgot to even copy & paste the data or save the files on the computer. However, OptimHire gave me the strength to revive my career when no one supported me. Initially, I was scared about applying in the recruitment industry as I had no previous experience of working in the IT recruitment sector. However, from technical to communication skills, the OptimHire team has helped nurture my skills and became my rock throughout my learning phase. I bogged down several times, but because of their exceptionally amazing training and support system, I got up, worked hard, and recently received my first cheque of INR 59,000. 

I used to think that women couldn’t have it all at the same time. But I proved this fact bogus when I started working with OptimHire. OptimHire has given me all; everything I thought I lost. And now, I feel more confident, strong, and skilled, and I wish to achieve more milestones in the future with the OptimHire Partners’ Program


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