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The tech recruitment process is complex and lengthy. However, with the right recruitment tools, you can match the pace of technological change and hire the best candidates for the job position.

We live in a candidate-driven world where job seekers believe in the power of smart work. As a result, they are less likely to engage with an organization that has an outdated hiring process and involves long commutes and multiple pre-screening rounds.

The conventional hiring process not only frustrates the candidates but also stretches the hiring time to months. 

So, what is the solution to making a candidate’s hiring experience as smooth as possible along with reducing the time to hire?

We believe it’s Video Interviews!

Video interviews have become a great differentiator, seamlessly improving a candidate’s experience, contributing to employer branding, and saving time and resources in screening candidates.

So, if you want to cut your hiring time in half, it’s time to start utilizing video interviews.

Let’s find out how OptimHire’s automated interview scheduling feature can help you enhance the interview experience, save time, and accelerate the hiring process.

With OptimHire’s Automated Interview Scheduling feature, you can now:

  • Reduce the hiring time in half by self-scheduling your interviews
  • Minimize the possibility of errors through flexible time slots
  • Add exceptional tech talent in your talent pipeline
  • Provide a seamless and positive hiring experience to candidates

How does it work?

  • First and foremost, you must register with OptimHire > Make a Company Profile page > Create a job posting.

These are the three most important steps to follow before beginning the interview scheduling process.

  • After publishing your job posting, you can send a personalized invite to qualified candidates from our extensive candidate database.
  • You’ll find various tabs in the upper column of the client’s portal that will assist you in streamlining your hiring process. 

The most important of these is the Response Tab, which contains all the stages of the hiring process, including Applied Stage-> Shortlisted Stage-> Interview Stage-> Offer Stage-> Hired Stage. From job invites to final hiring decisions, it shows all updates about your hiring process.

  • Once your preferred candidate accepts your job offer, you can proceed to the evaluation and interview stage of the hiring process. At OptimHire, you can tailor your hiring funnel to your unique requirements.

For example, if a candidate accepts your job invitation, you can skip the evaluation stage and schedule an interview right away.

  • When you click the ‘Book Interview’ button, you will reach the Automated Interview Scheduling Section, where you can book your interview in a few clicks. All you need to do is to select a time slot, interview type, duration, and other details.
  • To schedule an interview, select the ‘Interview Type,’ such as In-person or Online, based on your convenience and availability.
  • After selecting your interview type, the next step is to choose the ‘Interview stage.’ It means whether you want to schedule an interview for Profile Screening, Written Test, or Technical Round.
  • The next step is to select the ‘Interview Time’, which is the time at which you want the candidate to appear for the interview round, and the interview duration. There are two options available in this section:

With flexible time slots, you can share some power with the candidates in order to make them feel valued and an active part of the hiring process, thereby improving their hiring experience.

  • Fixed Interview Slots: In fixed interview slots, you assign a specific interview slot to each candidate without giving them any flexibility.
  • Flexible slots: With flexible slots, you can select multiple time slots and let the candidate choose the one that best fits their schedule. You can enter multiple dates and time slots for one or more candidates.
  • Following that, you can add as many interviewers and hiring panel members as you want in the scheduled interview. /li>

And then, just click ‘Confirm’. Tadaaa! Your interview will be scheduled just like that.

In the final screen, you will see the summary of your scheduled interview:

  • Interview Stage – Technical Round
  • Time for the Interview
  • Duration of the interview

After scheduling the interview:

  • OptimHire will automatically send an invite email to the candidate. 
  • Your selected candidate will receive an email asking them to sign up and accept a specific time slot.
  • When a candidate selects a specific time slot, you’ll receive an alert along with the interview video link in your email as well as in your ‘Response Tab’.

This is how OptimHire enables you to effectively self-schedule interviews and cut hiring time in half.

Want to experience more of our advanced hiring features and instant hiring services? Visit our website now.


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