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Harry: You know, in the magical world, we have many spells to help us find what we need. But in the hiring world, finding the right candidate for a job can be as challenging as catching a golden snitch blindfolded!

Hermione: You’re absolutely right, Harry. But you know what? There’s a platform named OptimHire that aims to automate hiring so businesses can hire the best talent without any hassle. It’s like using a Summoning Charm to find the perfect candidate!

Ron: Wow, Automation! I mean, it sounds like a pretty complex task.
How exactly do they do that?

Harry: Well, Ron, let me break it down for you.

In the last four years, OptimHire has first-hand witnessed the problems that most businesses face during the hiring process. Not only this, they have also helped more than 500+ clients hire 8000+ candidates, which is not an easy win.

As we say in the wizarding world, “Accio Talent!” – OptimHire brings the best candidates to businesses with their innovative and magical 4-step process to brew the perfect solution, help businesses overcome hiring challenges, and hire top talent in days.

Step 1 – Assessing Magical Skills

As you know, hiring requires sorting and filtering candidates by scanning hundreds of resumes, which is the toughest task. But OptimHire takes this headache from businesses and gives them peace of mind, just like Dumbledore’s wisdom in guiding young witches and wizards.

First, the talented recruitment team at OptimHire thoroughly examines the business’s job requirements, much like Professor McGonagall assessing the potential of young witches and wizards at Hogwarts. They identify and highlight the specific skills needed to ensure the candidate can ace the company’s growth.

Ron: Just like our teachers at Hogwarts, who assess our skills before we attend magical classes! What happens next?

Step 2 – Summoning Candidates

perfect match

After that, OptimHire unleashes its team of 2000+ expert Internal and external Recruiters with access to a vast reach of 2 million+ passive candidates. The recruiters start sourcing for the best candidates based on the specific requirements of the businesses. It’s like sourcing top candidates with the flick of a wand!

Ron: So, they’re like magical hunters searching for the rarest and most talented candidates in the hiring realm!

Hermione: Yes, that’s one way to put it, Ron.

Ron: But 2M+ candidate database and 60M+ reach, I mean, they must have an impressive database, but that’s a lot of candidates! How do they manage to find the perfect match?

Harry: Good question, Ron. After sourcing, the most challenging task begins – pre-screening each candidate. Like in the wizarding world, it’s not about the quantity of candidates but the quality that truly matters.

Ron: Pre-screening? What does that involve?

Step 3 – Pre-Screening Magic

Hermione: Pre-screening is like using the Marauder’s Map to scan and check the candidates and see if they meet the business’s criteria. Each candidate goes through a rigorous background check, skill assessment, technical interview, and other essential steps to ensure they are the right fit for the job.

And here’s the best part, Ron. After pre-screening, they present not just one but the top three candidates to the employer for different stages of interviews.

Ron: Why do they select three candidates in the end?

Step 4 – Triple the Chances

time and effort

Hermione: Oh, the strategy is that by presenting three top candidates for interviews, if one candidate backs off, they still have two fully pre-screened candidates in line, ready to step up.

Harry: Incredible! That saves so much time and effort. Just like using the Three Broomsticks strategy for hiring! You have more options in case one doesn’t work out.

Ron: Wait, Hermione, what about the job offer and salary negotiations? It’s almost like trying to negotiate with a Galleon-stealing goblin at Gringotts; you need to have some tough negotiation skills.

Step 5 – Final Offer and Negotiation

negotiating salary

Hermione: OptimHire has got that covered, too! Once the pre-screening is done, the employer and the internal hiring team are FREE from the hard work of pre-screening and sourcing and can focus all of their efforts on the important task of offer negotiation and final onboarding. And if they need any assistance, OptimHire’s team is always there to help.

Ron: And what about the hiring cost? Is it as high as a dragon’s hoard?

Say Hello to hiring fees up to 3% and Bye to 8.33% fees!

cost saving

Harry: Not at all, Ron. OptimHire understands the importance of cost efficiency, having hiring fees of up to 3%, significantly lower than the industry standard of 8.33%. That’s a whopping 80% cost savings!

Ron: Wow, that’s impressive! That’s like finding a Galleon in your pocket when you least expect it!

Harry: Exactly, Ron! With OptimHire’s help, businesses can “Accio” the best talent, making their hiring process as smooth as a ride on a broomstick. It’s a game-changer for businesses, just like the Time-Turner was for us when we needed to be in two places simultaneously.

Ron: But Harry, how many businesses have they helped so far?

Harry: Hermione has already explained at the start that till now, OptimHire has already helped more than 500+ businesses “Expelliarmus” their hiring challenges, recruiting 8000+ candidates quickly and efficiently, much like a wizard summoning a Patronus to ward off Dementors.

Ron: Wow! Wait, I just checked that OptimHire has a fantastic exclusive bonus for businesses. They are offering 20 Free Resume Credits to experience the magic of OptimHire first-hand, just like getting a golden ticket to the Triwizard Tournament.

free credits

Harry: Absolutely, Ron! It’s a deal even Fred and George would appreciate.

Ron: OptimHire truly brings a touch of magic to the hiring world, like a Lumos spell in the darkness of recruitment.

Harry: Couldn’t have said it better, Ron. So, whether you’re a big enterprise or a small business struggling to find the right talent, try OptimHire. They’ll help you find the most suitable candidates to boost your company’s success!

Hermione: Well said, Harry! I mean, in a world where finding the right talent can feel like searching for a sorcerer’s stone, OptimHire swoops in with its wand of automation and makes hiring easier, faster, and cost-efficient.

In conclusion, OptimHire’s automated pre-screening & sourcing services are like the Elder Wand in the hiring world, unleashing unparalleled magical efficiency. With our expertise, businesses can find the best candidates faster than a Nimbus 2000 soaring through the sky, saving time and resources as if they had a Time-Turner.

Also, with our exclusive bonus and incredible savings, it’s as if we’ve cast a magical and PROVEN step-by-step process to make your hiring journey smoother than a ride on the Hogwarts Express.

So, wave your wand; we mean, cast your Patronus by booking a call with us now, and let OptimHire be your Marauder’s Map to help you discover top talent in days, cost-efficiently.

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