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This year, we were able to bring about 3099 smiles and illuminate 350 businesses.

That means, in the last 12 months, with OptimHire,

  • 3099 candidates got their dream jobs
  • 350 businesses were able to hire right-fit candidates in a matter of days

When we say ‘HIRE OR GET HIRED IN DAYS’, our entire ecosystem works in unison to actualize our promise.

We are not just bridging the tech talent gap in the market; we are making a difference.

This Diwali, we are celebrating the smiles and successes that we have sparked.

Here’s to igniting a revolution of INSTANT HIRING.

Here’s to innovating by creating an entire ecosystem.

Because we want you to hear it straight from our clients and stakeholders, we won’t say much. Watch  this video –

Happy Diwali y’all!

Team OptimHire


OptimHire is a smart, AI-powered platform that eliminates all your tech hiring headaches. OptimHire reduces average hiring time from 6 months to just 12 days. You will have FREE access to our 600,000+ pre-screened tech talents and our FREE AI-powered recruiting platform.