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The recruitment industry is a rollercoaster of highs and lows, and it can be tough to make ends meet. Moreover, the constant search for the perfect candidate, the uncertainty of commission-based pay, and the never-ending pressure to meet your targets can be exhausting. With the ever-increasing competition and the market’s dynamic nature, recruiters are always looking for a stable income source that could provide them with much-needed financial stability.

And guess what?

We’ve heard you call, worked on it, and developed a revolutionizing program that will not only help our recruiters make a guaranteed monthly income but also allow them to earn high commissions in lakhs per hire.

Unbelievable? It’s not!

At OptimHire, we understand that our partners are the cornerstone of our success. We’ve helped thousands of recruiters build thriving careers with great financial stability by introducing the industry’s best career opportunities.

Let's hear what our recruiters say about us:

“The training sessions and exceptional growth opportunities OptimHire provides to the recruiters are commendable. And because of OptimHire Partners’ Program training & support, I did 2-3 closures and on my way to earn 2-3 lakhs a month.” – Akshay.

“Today, because of OptimHire’s support, I have a stable career, health, and life. Also, I gained the incredible opportunity of earning two to three lakhs per month and am living my dream life.” – Mohan Kurhade.

“OptimHire has given me all; everything I thought I lost. And now, I feel more confident, strong, and skilled, and I wish to achieve more milestones in the future with OptimHire.” – Shahla Khan.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye to the uncertainty of being a recruiter and hello to an industry-best program that can help you earn a Minimum Guarantee Income of Rs. 25,000 per month and make a high commission in lakhs every month.

That’s right! We are thrilled to introduce you to our groundbreaking program that can be a game-changer for all our partners – Our Minimum Guarantee Income Program. This program will allow our partners to earn a Minimum Guarantee Income of Rs. 25,000 per month, including all bonuses, advance pay, and commissions earned.

And the best part? It’s achievable by meeting just two simple conditions.

  • The first condition is to submit your status report every 3 hours, 3 times a day. By submitting your status report, you will not only be keeping yourself accountable, but you’ll also be keeping your team updated on your progress. This will help you work more efficiently and ensure you’re on track to meet your targets.
  • The second condition is to provide a minimum number of perfectly matching candidates each month.
  1. For India recruiters, they should provide a minimum of 66 perfectly matching candidates in the month, which is an average of 3 perfectly matching candidates per working day.
  2. For US recruiters, they should provide a minimum of 22 perfectly matching candidates in the month, which is an average of 1 perfectly matching candidate per working day.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Is it fair?

Absolutely! We value our partners’ hard work & dedication and want to ensure they build a stable income source that rewards their efforts.

Now, imagine the possibilities!

By meeting the minimum requirements, you can earn high-paying commissions from Rs. 20,000- Rs. 2,00,000 per hire, 20x faster than before, a rare opportunity in the present recruitment realm. Moreover, you’ll also receive the industry’s best training & support system and the financial stability you deserve.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re a recruiter looking for a new challenge, a unique opportunity, and a new way to earn a Minimum Guarantee Income of Rs. 25,000 per month along with making a high commission in lakhs, join the OptimHire Partners’ Program today or you can touch base with our team – Aalind:- 9302708378 or Srabanee:- +918197120285.

“OptimHire is a gift of something you’ve been working hard for, and all of that hard work is FINALLY paying off.” – Karishma Sheikh.

“OptimHire is indeed the ‘Best Platform’ I came across for recruiters. What I liked about OptimHire is that you can earn 1500-3000 INR every day!” – Sarthak.

Visit here to start your journey and become an OptimHire Partner.

P.S. – We can’t wait to see what you can achieve!


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