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“Let OptimHire be your in-house hiring team’s extended partner to reduce your hiring cost by half and increase overall productivity.”

Looking for a smart way to find suitable candidates for all the job openings while reducing your hiring cost by up to 80%, hiring 20x faster, and optimizing your internal recruitment team’s efforts?

It’s time you choose the smart way and frees up your internal recruitment team from the hassles of scanning 200-300 resumes and the hectic process of pre-screening and sourcing 50-100 candidates to hire one candidate.

And have you ever thought, what if they need to hire 100 candidates?

Can you even imagine the loss of their time and efforts, your investment and the high opportunity cost you can face due to hiring delays?

So, it’s time you let the experts, OptimHire, handle the burden of pre-screening and sourcing talent😊and utilize your internal team’s efforts by letting them focus on the most important tasks they’re experts in – Offer Negotiations and Onboarding, increasing your team’s productivity and eventually your company’s ROI.

Why do businesses want to give ALL the job requirements to OptimHire?

Let’s discuss why businesses want to give ALL the job requirements to OptimHire and the FOUR intangible benefits you can get at ONE tangible price to reduce your hiring cost by 50% and make your hiring 20x faster and seamless.

Half the Cost, Twice the Value: Companies often face high hiring costs by investing in expensive job postings, applicant tracking systems (ATS), databases, and other expensive hiring tools.

With OptimHire, you can reduce your hiring cost by 50% while increasing your in-house hiring team productivity and hiring top talent instantly. We don’t charge you extra for ATS and job postings- you only pay hiring fees of up to 3% per pre-screened and matching candidate, saving you a lot of money and effort.

Furthermore, if you take OptimHire’s help filling ALL the vacant positions (including the simplest one), you can save almost 50% of the hiring cost on each candidate.

Scalable and On-Demand Services: While hiring, your internal recruiters need to go through a hectic process of scanning 200-300 resumes, multiple calls and follow-ups to hire one suitable candidate. This leads to loss of energy, increasing frustration, and low productivity.

So why not let OptimHire ease up your hiring team’s efforts as we do the hard work of pre-screening and sourcing talent, and they’ll focus on the important tasks of Offer Negotiation and Onboarding?

We follow a scalable and on-demand hiring process. So, if you want to hire one candidate or 100 candidates, we can manage it all efficiently so that you can hire top talent at half of the cost. So, let OptimHire be your in-house hiring team’s extended partner to reduce your hiring cost by half and increase overall productivity in your business together.

Transparency and Overview: As a founder, CEO, and hiring manager, you definitely want more transparency and control in your hiring process. So, to decrease the communication gaps and increase efficiency, OptimHire can help by giving you the right tools to increase your control and give you more transparency throughout the hiring process.

The solution is “OptimHire’s AI-powered ATS”, where you can find all the call recordings and relevant documents of pre-screening and interview conversations done with the candidates that will increase the overall transparency. Also, we follow your customized hiring process so that you can stay well-informed at every step and gain full control over the hiring process.

Guaranteed Hiring Results: OptimHire works on a results-based model. You only pay when we provide suitable candidate profiles, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your job requirements.

OptimHire offers a game-changing solution for all types of job openings, making it the perfect hiring partner. So, let’s give all the heavy burden of finding candidates for ALL your job positions, and you focus on growing your business and making your in-house recruiters more productive. Book a call now and experience the difference with OptimHire today!

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OptimHire is a smart, AI-powered platform that eliminates all your tech hiring headaches. OptimHire reduces average hiring time from 6 months to just 12 days. You will have FREE access to our 600,000+ pre-screened tech talents and our FREE AI-powered recruiting platform.