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Find out the top 5 reasons why female recruiters love OptimHire!!!

‘To earn’ is the best feeling any woman ever gains when they start their career.

We believe many women can resonate with this fact!

Creating a thriving career can be overwhelming and difficult for a woman. As a result, many women need help finding a clear direction and career breakthrough to establish themselves in the corporate world.

However, as we all know, women are born warriors, and there’s nothing they can’t achieve. From the great Rani Lakshmi Bai to Mary Kom, our country is filled with remarkable stories of women who flawlessly balanced their personal and professional lives, returned stronger, and created a mark in our society.

According to the International Labour Organization, only 20% to 40% of women have been filling managerial positions in several high-income countries such as Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, and more. Although, the data also show us that women still have a long way to go.

We have also observed this growth in our workplace as:

  • More than 70% of women recruiters of our organization are earning lakhs as commissions and contributing to the growth of our organization.
  • Almost every week, women are in the top 5 positions in the recruiters’ leaderboard and on the list of highest-earning recruiters.
  • In the past few months, we have seen many confident, courageous, intelligent, and determined women recruiters joining OptimHire’s team, making it big and roaring ‘success’ in the recruitment industry.

Women’s struggles won’t last but what’s lasting is our support for women 365 days of the year. 

Inspired by the same fact, we started a special campaign, #OptimQueens, to amplify phenomenal women recruiters’ achievements and honor our great female talent for their contribution. 

Our campaign aims to promote female talent and invite more bright female talent to join our workforce who wish to start their career or are looking for better growth opportunities in the recruitment industry. 

Well, we understand that you’d also need reasons why this opportunity is best for you!

So, listen up, women, as now we’re telling you the five solid reasons you should join OptimHire Partners’ Program.

Flexible working hours

Being a working woman takes work. From dealing with family responsibilities, being unable to travel too far for work, not staying out late, and not picking up coveted postings in other cities, they have to face several hurdles. However, OptimHire gives you the perk of flexible working hours. In addition, you can plan your work timings according to your schedule. So, no matter if you’re a housewife or a new mother, you can easily add work to your daily routine and start your professional life.

Optimhire is the blessing I came through. It gave me new hope, and I started my career again after maternity break because of its remote culture. I would not be able to restart my career if it was not OptimHire. – Rishu Srivastava, OptimHire Recruiter

Earn whopping commissions

Apart from family responsibilities, lower salary brackets are another reason women hesitate to rejoin the workforce. However, OptimHire gives you a chance to have exceptional career opportunities and earn crazy commissions such as 1,00,000, 3,00,000, even 5,00,000, and more by leveraging your recruitment skills.

In OptimHire, we have so many opportunities to earn money. We can make up to two to four lakhs per month using our capabilities here. We can also earn money through a unique ‘Refer and Earn.’ OptimHire is an incredible platform for women looking to become financially stable. – Hemasuresh, OptimHire Recruiter

Best recruitment training & support

To nurture your skills and promote an inclusive work environment, we have the best-in-breed and an impressive training & support system. We provide extensive training from experienced recruiters who explain how you can leverage our advanced platform to achieve your daily goals, bring more leads, interact with clients and candidates, and much more. Moreover, we also give you access to our priceless recruiters’ community through which you can learn from others on the same journey. We also organize weekly and monthly sessions for all the trainees and budding recruiters to discuss their challenges and assist them in overcoming them.

When the covid lockdown happened, I had to choose between my career and family life. Then I decided to take a seat as a professional after a year. Initially, I was frustrated and started looking for a remote job. This is where OptimHire emerged as a blessing in terms of work timing as well as they have the most advanced and impressive training, and support system, I came across. – Shilpa Shukla, OptimHire Recruiter

Advance Loan Facility

Financial stability is another concern for many female recruiters. So, to provide you with that, OptimHire has a unique ‘Advance Loan’ facility that will allow you to make a steady monthly income to avoid financial difficulties and instability. This way, you can earn 1000-1500 daily or make a regular monthly income of up to Rs. 40,000 and whopping commissions like 2,00,000 to 5,00,000 INR or more on each hire.

OptimHire’s Advance Loan Facility is a unique and amazing way to make yourself financially stable during challenging times. I earned 10,000 INR as an Advance Loan, which helped me during my hard times. Moreover, it also motivated me to work more efficiently and get a closure commission on time. – Meenakshi Jaiswal, Team Leader, OptimHire

No platform charges & No joining fees

The best thing about our program is that there are no platform charges or joining fees. All you need to do is show us the magic of your recruitment skills, and you’re all set to join our exceptional recruiters’ community for free.

In my opinion, if a non-working woman has 3-4 hours, they should join OptimHire and grow their future and live their dream successfully. – Shailja Rathour, OptimHire Recruiter

Isn’t this the opportunity you’re looking for to start your recruiters’ journey?

If yes, we would love to welcome you to join our team!

So, apply for our OptimHire Full Time Recruitment Partners’ Program. For more info, click here.

Or if you can dedicate just two to four hours a day, you can apply for our ‘Refer & Earn’ Program. Click here to explore more.


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