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We are living in the age of Artificial Intelligence. The AI revolution is at its peak and it is only making our lives easier.

With the launch of our new AI-Powered ATS, we at OptimHire, are thrilled to be at the forefront of the AI revolution in the talent acquisition landscape.

As the AI technology continues to advance, it has become an increasingly powerful tool in simplifying and streamlining the hiring process.

At OptimHire, we understand that finding the best candidate for a job can be a time-consuming and challenging process.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our NEW AI-Powered ATS (BETA) and offer FREE early access to the first 299 businesses (worth $50,000 per year) to try out our game-changing hiring technology.

By using advanced algorithms and a mix of AI, Automation, Gig Economy, and CrowdSourcing technologies, the OptimHire ATS offers a powerful, well-integrated, and user-friendly interface, making it super easy for businesses to manage their hiring process.

If we tell you about it in a nutshell, then…

OptimHire’s AI-powered ATS fulfills the three most crucial recruitment KPIs:

  • Less hiring time
  • Less hiring costs
  • Sourcing right-fit candidates

According to a ManpowerGroup talent shortage study, 45% of employers face significant challenges when recruiting new candidates and filling open positions.

A colossal number of potential candidates are available in the job market for a single job position. However, finding the ‘right talent’ or ‘the one’ from a large pool of candidates is like separating the wheat from the chaff.

With features such as advanced filtering capabilities, quick interview scheduling, candidate tracking, candidate timelines, and customized reporting, the OptimHire ATS can assist businesses in streamlining their hiring efforts and ensuring a seamless hiring experience for both the employer and the candidate.

The OptimHire ATS system assists recruiters and hiring managers in automating, expediting, and streamlining their hiring processes. 

In today’s competitive job market, businesses need every advantage they can get to find the right talent. We believe that by introducing our new AI-Powered ATS, we are providing businesses with the cutting-edge technology they require to maintain a competitive edge and find the best candidates for their organisation in a matter of days.

It’s not just a matter of saving time and resources; it’s also about ensuring that businesses find the right-fit talents for their organization, leading to improved job satisfaction and reduced employee turnover.

So, if you’re looking to take your hiring efforts to the NEXT LEVEL and find the best candidates for your organization, our AI-Powered ATS is as real as it gets.

Now, shall we delve deeper to understand HOW it can help?

In this blog, we’ll reveal how you can leverage the OptimHire ATS system to take charge of your hiring process and hire your dream team 20x faster.

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How OptimHire's AI-powered ATS system simplifies your hiring process

Do you juggle between multiple software to track and manage candidates in your hiring process?

Stop right now and…

Use OptimHire’s AI-powered ATS system!

OptimHire provides free access to the best-in-class ATS system, powered by 40+ advanced hiring tools and best-in-breed technology. It has everything you need to improve and simplify your hiring process. 

Whether you’re hiring one team member or 100 new candidates altogether, you can automate your hiring process effectively with OptimHire’s ATS system.

Let’s dive deeply into OptimHire’s ATS system features and see how they can benefit your hiring process.

Focus on employer branding

Nowadays, job seekers pay close attention to the employer’s reputation before deciding to work for a company.

According to a recent Glassdoor survey, 69% of job seekers, even those unemployed, will not accept an offer from a company with a bad reputation.

That’s why it has become important for companies to position themselves as the employer of choice for potential candidates. You can do it by using the OptimHire’s Career Page feature.

We give you the option to build a feature-rich and appealing career page where you can highlight your distinctive employee value proposition, company culture, vision, mission, perks, and company events. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to different developers and platforms, you can create it for FREE using OptimHire. And the best part is, you can also embed the Career Page created on OptimHire on your website.

Job Posting URL

Posting a job on multiple job boards increases your reach and allows you to connect with more suitable candidates, increasing your chance to hire top candidates.

Managing your job posts independently generally requires logging into multiple sites and repeatedly copying and pasting the same data.

While you are posting jobs on job boards to get a better reach, it is also important to be able to manage these job posts effectively.

But the question is how can you manage all the job posts effectively?

This is where OptimHire’s Job integration feature can help!

OptimHire’s Job Integration feature allows you to manage your job postings from multiple platforms in a single platform with a unique link that allows you to easily track and manage applicants on one platform for FREE.

Unlimited Job postings

Hundreds of job boards in the hiring industry charge a hefty fee of $200 to $500 for a 30-day job posting with no guarantee of attracting quality candidates.

OptimHire, on the other hand, allows you to post unlimited job postings for various positions for free. In addition, we provide free access to a massive candidate database of over 2M+ candidates to help you complete your hiring process in a matter of days.

Candidate’s Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & reviews is an effective way to assess the potential candidates.

So, if you’re looking for a better way to evaluate candidates, you can do it with the OptimHire ‘Ratings & Review’ section.

In the ratings & review section, you can find the evaluation shared by the recruiters who screened/assessed this candidate during their interview process.

You can also find genuine reviews about candidates’ work and performance in job interviews and previous companies.

From overall candidate’s skills rating to recorded interview videos, you can find unique ratings and a short description of the candidate’s overall profile in this section to assess them thoroughly.

Well-organized client dashboard

An unorganized hiring process is a real demon that scares away potential candidates and leads to a terrible recruitment experience.

According to a recent Talentgy survey, 69% of job seekers who had a bad hiring experience will rarely or never reapply again.

However, OptimHire has a specialized client dashboard that can help you streamline your hiring process like never before while providing a positive hiring experience for candidates. You can store and manage all information about the candidates in your hiring pipeline on your dashboard.

It includes features such as the hiring timeline, intelligent search filters, candidate ratings and reviews, and intro videos that assist you in evaluating each step of the candidate’s journey. It also provides a detailed overview of how many candidates are moving through the hiring process and what stage they are at.

Customized Hiring Stages

Every company follows a unique hiring procedure as there is a plethora of information to keep track of while running that process.

OptimHire has created a unique column called ‘Hiring Stages’ to assist you in tracking applicants in your hiring process. In addition, this column allows you to customize your hiring process by creating different ‘Hiring Stages’ based on your recruitment procedures.

You can create a reliable recruitment process with the help of our well-organized hiring stages that will keep your focus on attracting qualified candidates and encouraging as many job seekers to apply as possible.

From job seekers’ interest in working for the company to how many candidates are moving through the hiring process and what stage they are at, you can quickly evaluate each candidate’s journey in your hiring process. Furthermore, with our simple user interface, you can easily drag and drop candidates to different hiring stages based on your preferences.

Online interview scheduling

With OptimHire’s self-scheduling feature, you can eliminate back-and-forth time and book timely, convenient interviews with a few clicks. You can schedule interviews as per your availability and convenience. Moreover, you can also schedule one or more interviews at different times every day.

Leveraging our flexible time slot interview option, you can provide candidates with the flexibility to choose their interview time as per their convenience. This feature takes into consideration the convenience and availability of all the parties involved. For instance, once a candidate has selected a time slot, all you have to do is show up and conduct the candidate’s interview.

Quick Screening Through Extensive Candidate Profiles

OptimHire has a comprehensive candidate profile page where you can find details such as their personalized intro video, project details, skills ratings and reviews from other companies, notice period details, salary expectations, and other information about your desired candidate. This page allows you to learn more about the candidate while saving time during pre-screening.

Smooth and Easy Communication

You can invite and connect with the potential prospects with a single click using OptimHire’s advanced ATS system.

Following that, you will have access to a chat feature on our platform, allowing you to personally connect with candidates and provide them with a positive hiring experience.

Our platform’s timeline section allows you to send timely notification to update the candidates in your talent pipeline of their job application status.

Video interviews tools

When scaling your hiring process, time is of the essence. Therefore, to scale your hiring process, you must reduce hiring time. This is where video interviews can help.

Video interviews are an easy, less expensive, and time-effective method to screen and interview candidates. In addition, they give employers and candidates more flexibility while reducing the time spent communicating, scheduling, and conducting the screening process.

Leveraging OptimHire’s video interview tools, you can easily collaborate and provide more personalized hiring experiences to candidates.

Maximize Recruitment Efficiency with OptimHire's AI-Powered ATS

An ATS system is a cornerstone of every successful hiring process and an effective tool whose features and capabilities cannot be debated in the present hiring realm.

Moreover, the tech-induced transformation has already hit the hiring industry.

According to OptimHire’s survey, 56% of businesses say that they use an AI-powered ATS system to manage and streamline their hiring process.

It implies that 44% of companies still manage their hiring process manually and burden their recruitment teams with more tasks and fewer resources.

Is this justified when you can use the finest AI-powered ATS system in the market for FREE and increase your team’s productivity by 10x?

This is where OptimHire’s ATS system comes into play.

OptimHire’s ATS system can help you in creating an extremely responsive hiring process and empower your recruitment team while streamlining your hiring processes. We brought in our experience and expertise to create a hiring process which will specifically suit the needs of growing companies.

With our AI-powered recruitment platform, you can increase the quality of your hires, reduce bias and hire based on real potential, and use your time more effectively.

So, what exactly are you waiting for?

Sign up with OptimHire today and use our Application Tracking System for free to transform your hiring process and beat the competition by hiring top candidates 20x faster.

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