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Are you tired of spending a significant portion of your budget on hefty hiring fees?

Have you been searching for a more cost-effective and efficient solution to find top talents for your business?

We hear you!

Traditional hiring models often demand a high percentage of industry-standard fees ranging from 8.33% to 15% to hire a single candidate, making it challenging for businesses who have limited budgets and tight hiring schedules.

Honestly, we used to operate at an 8.33% fees model like others, but let us tell you a secret!

Before we reveal the secret, let me ask you how many candidates you interviewed for your most recent hire?

Did you just say 15-25 candidates?

However, agencies charge you for 83 pre-screened candidates…

This is an 80% profit margin for companies!

According to a recent survey conducted by OptimHire, 28% of businesses consider ‘Higher Hiring Cost’ to be a significant obstacle in the recruitment process.

At OptimHire, we understood that this pricing model was not feasible for all businesses, especially those operating on limited budgets.

That’s why we decided and disrupted the industry by offering an ‘Automated Pre-Screening & Sourcing’ model.

Why not use OptimHire’s ‘Automated Pre-Screening & Sourcing’ model and pay hiring fees starting from 3% per PRE-SCREENED & perfectly matched candidate instead of the industry standard 8.33%-15%?

Yes, you heard it right – with OptimHire, you can significantly reduce your hiring expenses by 800% and still attract top-notch candidates.

So, how does our new Automated Pre-screening and Sourcing model work, and how can it benefit your business?

optimhire ats
As per our revolutionary Automated Pre-screening and Sourcing model, you only pay for pre-screened and matching candidates that genuinely fit your requirements.

  • Each pre-screened candidate costs up to 3% of their annual salary.
  • You can acquire a whopping 83 to 150 pre-screened candidates who perfectly match your requirements for the same cost.
  • We employ advanced algorithms to sift through the vast pool of applicants and shortlist the most suitable candidates for your specific requirements.

This way, you can save 100+ hours of your valuable time, energy, and resources by focusing on the cream of the crop. Don’t forget to check out our previous blog, if you wish to learn more about the pricing and structure of our model.

Think about the possibilities this opens up for your business.

Moreover, more options mean more opportunities to identify talent that aligns with your company culture and possesses the skills necessary to drive your business forward.

That’s why, at OptimHire, we take pride in our extensive database of over 2 million top talents from various industries. Our specialization lies in providing databases of IT developers with salary packages of 10 lakhs and above. This way, you can find and attaract 90% of top talent on one platform.

Well, there’s one more great news we want to share with you.

We have made hiring more seamless and effective using our AI-powered ATS!

Powered ATS

Well, when we talk about optimizing your hiring process, we can’t ignore the struggles of sifting through countless resumes, losing valuable candidate information, and falling victim to deceptive resumes that waste your team’s efforts, money, and potential opportunities businesses went through!

All these problems lead to an unorganized hiring process that often leads to bad candidate experience.

But, not anymore! It’s time to take charge of your hiring process and make it more organized by leveraging OptimHire’s AI-powered ATS.

From resume management to candidate sourcing, applicant tracking to seamless communication, interview scheduling to live tracking updates and efficient hiring functions – you can get access to all the features you need to make your hiring process seamless, transparent, and instant to provide good hiring experience to potential candidates.

Visit here to unravel the full extent of our revolutionary ATS and how it can benefit your business.

Wait, there's more! It’s our new launch and we want to sweeten the deal for you.

If you choose to try our new model, you gain access to not one, not two, but FIVE incredible bonuses – all aimed at transforming your hiring process for the better.

1) A.I.-Powered ATS Platform

Say goodbye to manual tracking and organization!

With our A.I.-powered ATS platform, you can gain control, effortlessly streamline your hiring requirements, ensure a seamless & efficient process and manage your talent pool like a breeze.

2) Unlimited Job Posting

Need to fill multiple job positions? No problem at all!

Our platform allows you to post unlimited job listings, without any restrictions or limitations. Cast a wide net and attract a diverse pool of talent, ensuring you find the perfect fit for every role.

3) Company Branding & Positioning

Building a strong employer brand is crucial for attracting top-notch talent. We understand this, which is why we offer free interactive sessions to guide you in developing your company’s branding and positioning strategies so that you can create a compelling narrative that captivates the right candidates.

4) Your Career Page

Your company’s career page is the gateway to attracting high-quality talent. With OptimHire, you’ll have a fully customizable career page backed by our powerful AI-powered ATS. Showcase your unique company culture, values, and opportunities to attract industry’s top talent.

5) Unlimited Users (No per-user charges)

Collaboration is key when it comes to successful hiring. That’s why we empower your entire team by providing unrestricted access to our platform. Enjoy the freedom of having an unlimited number of users, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient hiring processes without incurring any additional per-user charges.

By signing up as our client and subscribing to our premium subscription, you’ll gain access to all these fantastic bonuses.

Atlast, why should you choose OptimHire's Automated Pre-screening and Sourcing model?

The answer is simple – it allows you to optimize your hiring process by significantly reducing costs, increasing the pool of pre-screened candidates, and streamlining your workflow. Our innovative solution empowers businesses like yours, regardless of budget constraints, to find top talents without compromising on quality.

Plus, with our five incredible bonuses, you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to attract, screen, and hire the best talent out there.

Ready to take your hiring process to the next level? Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Connect with our success manager today to claim your FREE bonuses. Don’t hesitate – Get in touch with us today and discover a better way to hire!


OptimHire is a smart, AI-powered platform that eliminates all your tech hiring headaches. OptimHire reduces average hiring time from 6 months to just 12 days. You will have FREE access to our 600,000+ pre-screened tech talents and our FREE AI-powered recruiting platform.