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“In a recent OptimHire survey,  87% of recruiting managers said that they were tired of posting jobs, didn’t want to buy expensive ATSs or SAAS products, and didn’t want to learn new AI tools.

They just want to hire the right talents, instantly!”

In today’s age of instant gratification, you can have food brought to your table, things delivered to your doorstep, or video chat with someone on the other side of the world with just a single click of a button.

So, if you’re a company that’s hiring currently, is it okay to spend ages recruiting people?

Especially in the tech field, things are particularly slow, where it takes companies an average of 4 to 6 months to fill a single vacancy.

Companies want to hire people INSTANTLY and you cannot fault them for scaling up.

Traditional hiring portals are slow and clunky. They are incapable of meeting the fast-paced needs of today’s business world.

OptimHire, the brainchild of Mr. Larry Kodali, is here to bridge the gap. OptimHire has made recruiting as simple as ordering an Uber ride with their end-to-end recruitment process.

OptimHire is Revolutionizing Hiring

OptimHire is overcoming all the hurdles posed by conventional job portals. Thanks to our end-to-end recruiting process, 2000+ recruiters’ network, AI-powered tools, and much more, OptimHire can make your recruiting process faster and more scalable than ever. And the best part is, OptimHire offers these slew of advantages for FREE.


Think of OptimHire as the Uber of the Tech Recruitment Industry.

 Booking a taxi the traditional way is time-consuming and inefficient.

You either have to wait on the road and hail a taxi, tell your destination, and then take your ride, or you have to call a taxi company (or multiple companies), make a booking, make an advance payment, connect with your driver, and then take your ride.

 Uber found a way to improve passengers’ experience tenfold. An Uber ride is affordable and hassle-free – you punch in your pick-up and drop-off locations, your cab is sent to you, and you’re off in no time. Payments are seamless, too.

 Unfortunately, much of the hiring world is still stuck in a ‘Pre-Uber’ state. With traditional job portals, you pay to post your jobs, then you pay again for tools and a candidate database. Then, your HR professionals have to spend time and effort on the screening and interview process. When all is said and done, it can take 2-6 months to finally land your right hire.

OptimHire has eliminated all these costs and wait times. We’ve made the entire process instant, and scalable. Here’s how:

 1. 10x Faster Hiring:

Using conventional job portals, companies often spend several months making a new hire. Those months involve exhaustive hours of searching, screening, and interviewing, all of which is backed up by legacy systems and stone-age tools.

10x Faster Hiring - OptimHire

OptimHire, on the other hand, reduces average hiring time from 6 Months to just 12 Days. Our high-end recruiting platform offers FREE access to 600K Pre-screened Tech Talents and FREE AI-Powered Recruiting Platform.  OptimHire’s cutting-edge tools make recruitment searches faster and simpler.

“Saved us 6 months in assembling our team”-
CEO, LAD Solutions, Los Angeles


2. Risk-Free Recruitment:

Risk-Free Recruitment with OptimHire

Don’t waste money buying expensive job postings and talent databases. And don’t waste countless hours thumbing through 1000s of resumes and making screening calls to 100s of candidates. There’s a smarter way to do things.

At OptimHire, you only pay after you make a successful hire. Your job posting is free, and our recruiters will assist you in finding candidates best-suited for your job.

In addition to saving money, you’ll save 100+ hours of effort per hire. That’s because we take care of the pre-screening, which will be done according to your custom needs.

OptimHire makes the entire recruiting process faster, more efficient, and, most importantly, RISK-FREE.


“Their process saved us $10Million on our project.”-
CTO, PrivMe, San Francisco


3. On-Demand and Scalable Recruitment:

On-Demand and Scalable Recruitment

Ditch traditional methods of recruitment that don’t offer scalability or customizability.

Scale your recruiting efforts instantly with OptimHire! OptimHire’s 20,000+ network of freelance recruiters is ready to help you assemble and scale your team.  Post your job and your requirements, and within 12 days, the recruitment process will be complete. It’s that simple.

“Today you might be hiring for only 10 vacancies, but tomorrow you might need to fill 1000+ vacancies. But do not fret –  OptimHire can scale on-demand, instantly!”- Team OptimHire


4. Free Applicant Tracking System:

Traditional ATSs are expensive and inefficient. With OptimHire, you won’t have to bear any extra expenses to track and manage your applicants.

OptimHire will help you source and  pre-screen candidates, manage interviews, offer negotiations, and provide you with integrated communication tools to assist you with each and every phase of hiring process. OptimHire offers 40+ tools and features to help make your hiring process easy, fast, and scalable. What’s even better? On the OptimHire platform, you can access these tools and functionalities for FREE.


5. Reach Out to 60 Million Pre-Interviewed Candidates:

Traditional job portals will simply hand over a massive pile of resumes to you. Then, you’re burdened with all the sifting, sorting, and screening.

OptimHire relieves that burden. We have nearly 600K pre-interviewed candidates available for quick hiring.

Moreover, through OptimHire’s platform, you will have easy access to executive summaries of candidates, which include their specific skill sets, earned and expected incomes, and even introductory videos.

60 Million Pre-Interviewed Candidates

OptimHire’s current candidate database

With a pool of 60 Million Tech Talents and 2000+ Partners across the globe, OptimHire can find you just the right talent for the job.

“Thank you Team OptimHire for making last-minute hiring possible. They were instrumental in getting us the right resources within our tight  timeframe. Great effort and thank you once again!”- Amrit Verma, Advanced GeoTech Solutions.


6. Save 100+ Hours of Time & Effort Per Hire:

Save 100+ Hours of Time & Effort Per Hire

The traditional screening, interviewing, and negotiating process can take 100+ hours per hire. We don’t want you to waste all that time, effort, and resources.

OptimHire can cut your hiring time down to 10 hours per hire.

OptimHire’s recruiters will handle all the pre-screening according to your business’s custom needs. From coordinating interviews between your team and candidates to assisting with final negotiations, we have got you covered.

OptimHire – The Future of Recruiting is INSTANT, and  SCALABLE.

Instant and scalable recruiting -OptimHire

Impressed by our problem-solving? Liked what we’re doing?  Then let us tell you, this end-to-end recruitment process is the future of the IT recruiting industry. In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t want to waste a single second. That’s why we’ve made our recruiting system 10x faster than traditional methods. And not only that, we have made the entire process  instant, and scalable too.

Ready to jump into the future of hiring? Join us today!


OptimHire is a smart, AI-powered platform that eliminates all your tech hiring headaches. OptimHire reduces average hiring time from 6 months to just 12 days. You will have FREE access to our 600,000+ pre-screened tech talents and our FREE AI-powered recruiting platform.