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WELLNESS isn’t a passing trend. It has become an integral part of the vocabulary of every organisation.

A healthy workplace nurtures healthy behaviour among employees. OptimHire is also taking baby steps in ensuring the well-being of our employees & partners.

This employee wellness month, let’s get the happy endorphins flowing.

Shall we?

OptimHire Family is taking the OPTIMHIRE STEP IT UP Challenge!

From 8th June to 28th June, the OptimHire family is inviting one and all to take the WELLNESS challenge.

We are stealing 15 minutes for 21 days from our daily work hours and taking a break to simply move/walk/run.

Here’s what we are gonna do:

  • Download the PACER app (or use in-built or any other health app) on your phone
  • Complete 2500 steps daily
  • Share the screenshot of the same by EOD on our OPTIMHIRE FUN group
  • Repeat the same for 21 days
  • On successful completion, wait to unlock the reward

We believe that small changes in our everyday routine can make a big difference. As they say, commit to a goal for 21 days and there you will have a new habit.

Now that OptimHire is stepping up, are you ready to take charge of your well-being?

We are stepping up and prioritising wellness. How are you celebrating the wellness month?

A glimpse of our OptimHire Wellness Program. Let’s make good health a habit. –


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