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Wellness programs are often seen as a nice-to-have activity rather than a strategic necessity. However, there is overwhelming evidence that shows the positive effects of wellness programs on the employees’ lives as well as on the business.

There is a perceived notion that employee wellness plans are only for large organisations which is false. However, we at OptimHire, believe that promoting employee wellness doesn’t necessarily have to come with a hefty expense bill.

If you are a small business and wish to establish a wellness program, it doesn’t have to be filled with overwhelming steps and details. You could start with something really simple that works for your organization and then keep optimising it as you go.

In this blog, we will cover the basic process to establish a wellness program that is effective, helps your company’s bottomline, and doesn’t exhaust your budget. Read on to find out the benefits of a workplace wellness program and how to successfully establish a wellness program, regardless of the size of your business.

What is Workplace Wellness?

If we are asked to define workplace wellness, here’s what we have to say –

An organized, employer-sponsored program that supports employees in adopting and maintaining behaviors that promote better health, improves the quality of life, increases personal effectiveness, and benefit the organization’s bottom line.

Even though the benefits of proactively taking steps towards employee wellness may not offer benefits at the first glance, having happy & healthy employees brings a slew of benefits in the long run.

  • More productivity
  • A boost in employee morale
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved quality of life
  • Facilitates team bonding

How to Successfully Design & Launch an Employee Wellness Program?

While there are countless examples of wellness programs that top-tier organizations have implemented, you should reflect on factors like responsible leadership, an enabling work environment, a sense of community, accessibility, alignment, and the program’s business case before designing and launching one at your own organization.

Let’s have a look at some action steps that will guide you in designing a strategic employee wellness program.

Setting realistic, feasible goals that will benefit both the employer and the employees

Strategically design a wellness program that benefits both the employees and the employer. It is important to not lose sight of the prime objective behind the program. It should bring fruitful benefits while also being an enjoyable activity to engage in.

Make a solid plan

Do adequate research. Collect data internally. Identify areas that need to be addressed. Set a budget.

All of these steps should be well thought out and planned by conducting internal meetings and surveys. Wellness programs don’t necessarily involve spending a lot; the right motive and plan are crucial to launching a successful employee wellness program.

Not every company could buy expensive wellness packages for employees. But we are sure every company is capable of strategically planning an employee wellness campaign by offering some mindful liberations.

For instance, you could do what OptimHire did  – Curate a WELLNESS CHALLENGE for their employees so they get a chance to relax and rejuvenate in between work hours by moving/walking/running/dancing for a while.

Form a dedicated team to handle the wellness campaign

Creating a comprehensive employee wellness program is no cakewalk. It is wise to form a dedicated team that would effectively handle the project. While the team is likely to have an authoritative person heading it, you must also involve people interested in promoting a healthy workplace.

Communicate the program effectively

Communicating the program is an important step. Spread the word and set a meeting wherein you effectively explain the importance of wellness, the schemes involved in the program, the motive behind the program, steps to follow, how to claim the program, and the positive effects of the program.

Acquire feedback from your workforce and make necessary amendments

While you have launched the program, a good program needs to have some space for optimisation as per the feedback. Listen to your employees’ experiences and make sure to accommodate the feedback and the new ideas you get from your workforce to improve the output of the program.

The Final Word

We live in an economy where leaders regard talent as the most important and scarce resource available. In today’s market, qualities like teamwork, innovative thinking, creativity, and communication are in high demand. These factors are influenced directly by workplace wellbeing.

It is no surprise that workplace wellness is no more a good-to-have extra but has become an important part of the strategic initiatives by organisations as having a holistically healthy organisation is crucial to building a high-performance, committed culture.


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